What Do I Wear In Bed Why Chanel Number 5 Of Course

What Do I Wear In Bed Why Chanel Number 5 Of Course

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What do I wear in bed why Chanel Number 5 of course; A teasing Marilyn Monroe quote that increased as many male heartbeats as it did perfume sales.

The Marketing Coup Of The Decade For Chanel

But what a marketing coup for Chanel when the worlds biggest sex symbol of the 1950's uttered these immortal words, what's more an iconic quote worthy of this female superstar.

Lines like these rarely appear by accident so those bright marketing guys at Chanel had just got themselves the marketing coup of the decade with this memorable quote by Marilyn Monroe.

The Marilyn Monroe obsession that sent mens heartbeats racing was easy to tap into with her seemingly innocent quote about her bedroom attire.

It has been more than 50 years since her much publicised and tragic demise but Marilyn has still not faded into obscurity and it seems she is still as relevant as ever.

A Look That The Lens Adored

Marilyn Monroe had a child like innocence beneath her outwardly natural beauty that secured some memorable roles in 1950's cinematography.

She had an ability to look better on camera than she did off it, Marilyn definitely had a look that the lens adored, it was as if the lens could see only what we could sense was there

She could wear a look of vulnerability that had an effect on men that they wanted to protect her and this was tapped into ruthlessly with her scripts and marketable one liners chosen for her to say.

Although she was portrayed as a dumb but beautiful blonde she used to take her acting very seriously and was always trying to improve herself and engage in more serious roles.

Inevitably the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe will always be remembered as the number one sex symbol of the twentieth century.

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