Talk Low, Talk Slow And Don't Say Too Much

Talk Low, Talk Slow And Don't Say Too Much

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Talk low, talk slow and don't say too much; The John Wayne art of conversation using a husky tone to slowly articulate the 'less is more' strategy

Thinking before you speak can save face in social gatherings but following the John Wayne advice is more a guideline for listening than sharing your thoughts with the whole world.

When Listening Is Better Than Talking

So many people like to hog the conversation so you should let them admire the sound of their own voice, don't concern yourself so much because you will learn far more by listening than you ever will by talking.

Too many people talk for the sake of talking and adopt habits like striking off at tangents to the conversation to accommodate their own narrative.

This is where the narcissist feels compelled to hijack the conversation with tales of their successes and how they can help you.

Talking When It Matters

What the John Wayne quote "Talk low, talk slow and don't say too much" means to me is about respectful talking, but only when it matters.

Talking slowly with a low voice shows humility to your peers, you will make a far better impression using this tactic in a conversation than adopting any loud and brash approach to communication.

Talking slowly with a low voice will also aid your movie career as John Wayne used this very quote to a young Michael Caine on his first venture into Hollywood after the success of his movie 'Alfie'.

When Less Is More

The less you say the more likely it is that people will pay attention to you when you do speak, the less you talk the more the mystery is to your character.

The art of conversation is in the listening and knowing when to talk at just the right time, never interrupt and when you do get to talk take the opportunity to show you were listening by raising some thoughtful questions or comments about what the people were just conversing about.

Sometimes less is more, people will find you far more interesting the less they know about you. The last thing you should do is pour out your life story in the first five minutes of meeting someone.

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