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Just when you don't want to hear a quote about life, you always hear a quote about it because that's life, in this case in quotes!

Life as an ability to constantly amaze, sometimes it seems if it can go wrong it will go wrong which is Murphy's Law. Then when you least expect it Murphy's spelling opposite Yhprum's Law proves you wrong because everything that can go right will go right. The conundrum comes in deciding which one will come to the fore at any given time.

Life is all about the unexpected because even with the best laid out plans by the brightest minds available there is always some unexpected twist to add drama to the mix.

Here is our selection of life quotes, we hope you enjoy them and if you do then don't forget to share. Loving life means being positive and when the power of positivity is shared it spreads its influence for the betterment of all who read and that has got to give us the most satisfaction.

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"Those who do not love life do not deserve it" - Giacomo Casanova