Its Not True I Had Nothing On I Had The Radio On

Its Not True I Had Nothing On I Had The Radio On

Marilyn Monroe Quote

Its not true I had nothing on I had the radio on; Marilyn Monroe teasing reporters with this titillating quote

More words have been spoken and written about Marilyn Monroe than any other actress in the history of Hollywood.

Perhaps it is time to listen to the words she spoke also including this classic line from Time magazine.

This Marilyn Monroe quote was in response to a question about appearing nude in a calendar shoot and although the answer revealed less than the original question assumed it did manage to titillate the world for decades to come.

Cinema Icons Fuelling an Escapist Existence

Marilyn Monroe was the first of her kind of sex symbol and although the discourse she was encouraged to say sailed close to the wind it still managed to push the boundaries without actually going too far.

Feeding the imagination became the order of the day and it worked because people could not get enough of Marilyn Monroe, they wanted to know and hear every single story about her.

If you analyse this mass interest in just one individual it reveals a lot about personal desires and dreams that cannot be fulfilled and the cinema icon becomes the oxygen fueling this escapist existence in peoples minds.

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