We're All Born Bald Baby

We're All Born Bald Baby

Telly Savalas Quote

We're all born bald baby; A Telly Savalas quote vilifying the tongues of ridicule who pour scorn on the follicly challenged.

Actors have to come in all shapes and forms including hairless from the neck up. If you can manage to look good with the bald look then you are open to all these hairless roles. Just ask Yul Brynner as he didn't do too badly out of his polished head.

If you are bald and you can look menacing there are a lot of villainous roles up for grabs and Telly Savalas had the natural ability to pose a mean looking dude when required.

Telly Savalas became the bald headed lollipop cop for playing tough talking New York city detective Theo Kojak, but Savalas had already enjoyed an enviable movie career that started in the early 1960's.

Before Kojak, Telly Savalas was typically cast as an on screen villain after being discovered by Burt Lancaster in his introduction to Hollywood via the movie The Young Savages in 1961.

Savalas played some memorable roles and stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the greats of Hollywood in The Dirty Dozen and super villain Ernst Blofield gave him the accolade of playing one of the most famous Bond baddie roles in Her Majesties Secret Service.

Who Loves Ya Baby

For all the great movies Savalas starred in he will always be remembered as Kojak the bald headed lollipop sucking cop with the catchphrase 'who loves ya baby', which brings us back to this other Kojak quote; 'We're All Born Bald Baby'.

Savalas won an Emmy and two Golden Globe awards for his role in Kojak while his other notable acting achievement was being nominated for an oscar for his role in The Birdman Of Alcatraz in 1962.

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"I don't care a hoot what I look like. I'm not a dame" - Yul Brynner