Big Girls Need Big Diamonds

Big Girls Need Big Diamonds

Elizabeth Taylor Quote

Big girls need big diamonds; Elizabeth Taylor putting her husbands on the most wanted list for distinguished jewelers worldwide.

Elizabeth Taylor's love of diamonds and expensive jewellery was legendary even by Hollywood standards, the collection she amassed over the years contained some of the finest pieces ever unearthed in the history of the finest gem stones.

After her death in 2011 her collection was put up for auction by Christies in New York and it turned out to be a record breaking sale with global interests not just raising eyebrows but raising the prices to astronomical sums of money.

One notable gem; The Taj Mahal diamond (from the late 1620's) sold for $8,818,500, it is a heart shape diamond of historical importance, it was a gift from a Mughal Emperor to his wife who later died and he built the Taj Mahal in her honour, Richard Burton bought the diamond for Taylors 40th birthday in 1972 and she treasured it.

Elizabeth Taylors famous square cut diamond ring the 33.19-carat D, VS1 which was also known as the Krupp diamond sold for the same amount $8,818,500. This was also a gift from Burton given to her in 1968.

The most expensive individual piece of the auction was the La Peregrina sold for $11,842,500; This is an impeccable Natural pearl, diamond, ruby and cultured pearl necklace created by Cartier.

The total jewellery collection sold for $137,235,675 which set a new world record making it the most valuable collection of jewels ever sold at auction.

Every Jeweller Wanted The Taylor Husbands In Their Shops

Elizabeth Taylors love of diamonds stuck around for more years than any of her seven husbands and the true love of her life Richard Burton was the Hollywood husband every jeweller wanted in their shop, indeed all the Taylor husbands were on the wanted list of the most distinguished international jewelers.

Elizabeth Taylor's true to life quote about big girls need big diamonds brought her some of the finest gems the world has seen and a few scowling looks from other leading Hollywood ladies of her time no doubt.

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