Never Use Money To Measure Wealth

Never Use Money To Measure Wealth

Robert Duvall Quote

Never use money to measure wealth; Robert Duvall quote recognising that you should never lose sight of the important things in life that money cannot buy

The house you live in or the car you drive do not define you as a person. They are not measurements of wealth as they are assets you accumulated during your life. You can sell your house or car and buy another because they were superficial instruments to be used to enhance your life.

Wealth occupies the heart and the head and is whatever gives you real happiness and contentment. Assets can be bought and sold but your health and your family cannot.

Real wealth is how you act. It is in your mind not in your bank account or possessions because they will all be given away when you die. Real wealth are your skills, knowledge, personality, memories and reputation and they will accompany you to your grave, they are yours forever.

For every action there will be a reaction so how you conduct your life will be reflected back to you by the people that surround you. There have been many rich men who thought they were wealthy but they have coldness in their heart, they don't have friends they have acquaintances, if the money were to be taken away then the so called friends disappear also.

If you have always treated people well they will remember and it will be appreciated, in many cases it will be reciprocated, what goes around comes around.

A Persons True Worth

There is a line of thought that if you take away all of someones money and possessions you will find out their true worth. This will reveal just how wealthy they are.

If you worship money and you lose everything then you are worthless. If you have the skill set to recover then there is more depth to your character than merely chasing materialistic pleasure.

If you have done good deeds by serving mankind in one form or another then the self worth that you have attained will still be there even if you are penniless.

The Robert Duvall quote; "Never use money to measure wealth" is from the 2006 movie Broken Trail where girls lives are bought for money and they are being transported for a life of prostitution.

Robert Duvall played the chivalrous cowboy who recognises lives are worth more than money as he dutifully rescues the girls and delivers them to safety.

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