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Love rocks when it's good and love sucks when it's bad, your boat it does float when a love quote is rad.

Love has inspired more written words than any other subject, whether it be novels or books where the author explains their interpretation of love it is a constant subject of the human fascination. Some people seek love their whole lives, some people receive love but do not recognise it so they miss out on the powerful benefits of its influence.

Love is a great leveller because it cares not about your social standing as many successful people can testify that money cannot buy love. Everyone at some point lets their guard down and opens up to the person they love, it is this vulnerability that causes the heartbreak when relationships break down.

Love feeds on emotions and can influence people to do the most outrageous and infamous things, the story of Helen of Troy the face that launched a 1000 ships comes to mind as the Greeks tried to win her back from her lover Paris of Troy during the 10 year Trojan wars.

Here is our selection of love quotes, we hope you enjoy them and if you do then don't forget to share. We all look for love and sometimes all it takes are the right words being read at the right time to inspire someone to realise that fair heart never won fair maiden, if sharing can inspire some love then that has got to give us the most satisfaction.

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"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none" - William Shakespeare