If You Do Not Have Enemies You Do Not Have Character

If You Do Not Have Enemies You Do Not Have Character

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If you do not have enemies you do not have character; The Paul Newman quote about being Republican enemy number 19.

I love this quote about being number nineteen on Richard Nixon's enemies list and it being Paul Newman's greatest achievement that he had actually done enough to rattle the Nixon administration that they perceived him as a potential threat.

Not bad for a movie star although quite why a president of the United States has to draw up an enemies list in the first place should raise more eyebrows than the accomplishment of attaining a place on such a list.

Nevertheless there were many other accomplishments that Newman achieved through his life including having a rock solid marriage spanning five decades to Joanne Woodward. While achieving such a creditable milestone is not really the typical headline you expect out of Hollywood it is pleasing to know that the sanctity of marriage can still stay intact in tinseltown.

Newmans Own Brand

Paul Newman was also a successful motor sports racer which he found a passion for while training at the Watkins Glen International circuit outside New York for the 1969 film Winning where he stars as a professional race car driver in a role that would become reality in real life.

In business the Newmans Own brand is an organisation that donates all after tax profits to charity and has been responsible for donating nearly $400 million to good causes.

So despite this great Paul Newman quote I would imagine he made a lot more friends than enemies during his lifetime. So it just goes to show, opposing the Vietnam war in the 1960's was taken so seriously it made him Republican enemy number 19.

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