Tomorrow Is Promised To No One

Tomorrow Is Promised To No One

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Tomorrow is promised to no one; Clint Eastwood quote acknowledging hope reigns eternal for tomorrow but live for today because guarantees are for toasters

When dealing with squabbles with my loved ones I always try to settle things before going to sleep or leaving the house. I would hate to think that my last discussion with a loved one was an argument and not an 'I love you' or something similar.

Age has mellowed me a lot and an ironic thing is all the stuff my parents used to say to me years back rings true today. The impetuousness of youth and the seemingly unlimited energy blind-sides you and you feel indestructible.

As you age you see good friends and family no longer with us, so I count myself very lucky and I seldom complain about anything. I cannot help but think I am fortunate and there are many that have passed away before their time who would have appreciated the opportunity just to wake up every day and smell the sweet morning air.

From the day each and every one of us were born the clock starts counting down to your death. No one knows when your time is up and the grim reaper will come calling, but call he will whether you are ready or not.

The future is unwritten and your future starts today not tomorrow so you should never put off to tomorrow what you can do today. You should never wait to say the kind or caring words you always wanted to say to your loved ones.

The Clint Eastwood quote "tomorrow is promised to no one" suggests to me that you should live for today because you just never know what lies between you and waking up the next morning. This is no different for everyone on the planet.

People die every day but very few of us really live. The important things are unappreciated or put off to a later date and they are replaced with the conditioned lives the majority of people live.

Guarantees Are For Toasters

There are no guarantees in life and tomorrow is no exception, which makes me think of another Clint Eastwood quote; "If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster". It kind of makes me think Mr Eastwood knows a thing or two about guarantees and I cannot see him giving any about the day after today.

The toaster quote is actually a line from Eastwoods movie 'The Rookie' and the "tomorrow is promised to no one" line is from another Eastwood film called 'Absolute Power'. However, there were earlier variations of this quote going back to biblical times.

One such example from the bible was in James 4:13-16 and it read "tomorrow is as uncertain as the wind". A more up to date version and a near match to Clint Eastwoods quote was by the NFL footballer Walter Payton when he said "Remember, tomorrow is promised to no one".

Walter Payton was a running back for the Chicago bears and he used this quote after discovering he had a rare liver disease.

Some get the chance to prepare and share all their thoughts with their loved ones but they know their time is coming sooner rather than later.

Many are not afforded this opportunity but many of these people would rather not know either because they would have to face up to their own mortality.

When opportunities arise grab them with both hands because you never know if you will get the same chance again.

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