For Beautiful Eyes Look For The Good In Others

For Beautiful Eyes Look For The Good In Others

Audrey Hepburn Quote

Of all the style icons that have emerged through the lens of Hollywood none shall ever surpass the beauty and elegance of Audrey Hepburn

Not only was she a style icon that walked the walk she also talked the talk with all the sincerity and class of a true lady. It is truly humbling to see a star of epic Hollywood proportions display such humility.

Audrey Hepburn could see the beauty in everything and after her acting career she devoted her life to helping those less fortunate.

A True Lady Of Poise and Elegance

Audreys work for Unicef helping children in Africa and South America is legendary and she also addressed congress, the United Nations and the worlds press highlighting the issues affecting under privileged children around the world.

Holly Golightly may be Audreys most famous screen role but the role model she projected off screen was her greatest accomplishment, she was a true lady of elegance and a humanitarian with a total heart of gold.

Audrey Hepburn herself had beautiful eyes but this quote gives more meaning to beauty and advises to look for the beauty in others for only then will your mind understand the real beauty in each and every individual.

It also teaches us that spoken kindness not lipstick is the real beauty that emanates from a ladies mouth.

The last part of the quote about walking with poise is in my humble opinion more about holding your head high because your acts of kindness speak for themselves and so ensuring you are never alone.

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