A Gentleman Is Simply A Patient Wolf

A Gentleman Is Simply A Patient Wolf

Lana Turner Quote

A Gentleman Is Simply A Patient Wolf, making sense of the Lana Turner quote referring to relationships in Hollywood, or conversely could confessions of a wolfess finally have meaning? Well it's Tinseltown so I'll let you be the screenwriter and decide.

I imagine after seven marriages and what was described in Hollywood as 'A Stable Of Lovers' I guess she was well qualified to make the quote.

I suppose this kind of begs the question 'Are there any gentlemen left?' especially if the perception is men are all wolves at heart.

Perhaps this question should be rephrased as 'Are there any gentlemen left in Hollywood?' Now I think that would be a more pertinent question especially if referring to relationships in tinseltown.

But on the other side of the coin; I'm sure there are a few predatory 'she wolves' prowling the cocktail parties of Hollywood that could probably tell an arousing tale or two about their sexploits, now that would be an interesting story!

Howling At The Moon

Trying to rationalise a quote like this can be a minefield of inconclusive theories and irrational hypothesis, sometimes the meaning is illusory and it is just better to accept you don't fully understand rather than drawing the wrong conclusion.

Alternatively, a gentleman could always step outside and howl at the next full moon to see if any ladies call you an impatient gentleman. Happy moonbeams :-)

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