Judge Me By My Size Do You

Judge Me By My Size Do You

Yoda Quote

Judge me by my size do you; Yoda teaching the size does not matter lesson in a reminder that assumption sucks and action speaks louder than words.

Yoda was the Star Wars Jedi master who packed more power than his small frame suggested and his small size led many foes to foolishly under estimate him. He was also as wise as his 800 years suggested and when great wisdom combines with great power it makes a formidable strategically minded ally you want on your side.

There are some great lessons to learn from the wise if people are prepared to listen and as Yoda proved in the early Star Wars movies it's not size that matters but how you use your size that counts.

Mankind learned early in its evolution that leverage can be a great tool to increase the power of small people to move seemingly impossible objects but leverage is just one method to make the impossible possible, firstly one must believe and then never give up on the task at hand.

Self doubt can strike at any time and it must be defeated, you do not under estimate any task by saying 'I can do it' or 'I will do it', this is not over confidence if you are prepared to work hard in finding a way to accomplish any task.

Believe In Yourself

The epic Yoda quote; 'Judge me by my size do you' came from the movie The Empire Strikes Back during a riveting scene where young wannabe Jedi Luke Skywalker has serious doubts about his abilities to raise his star ship from the depths of a swamp it had plunged into.

What he was guilty of was giving up to easily, yes it seemed on the face of it a Herculean task, but it was no where near the realms of impossible that he suggested it to be.

Skywalker lacked both the belief and the will to succeed and was promptly given the 'size doesn't matter' lesson.

The ensuing conversation showed Luke to have a negative attitude by claiming that he cannot get the ship out, to which a miffed Yoda retorts “So sure are you? Tried have you? Always with you it can’t be done”.

Luke says ok, he’ll try to get the ship out and Yoda exclaims, “No! Do or do not. There is no try”. Luke fails and exclaims it cannot be done because the ship is too large which prompts Yoda to say “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you?”

Luke had been Yodas' protege for some time as he was learning how to use the powers of the 'force' and he was well aware of its capabilities but he was left to look on in awe as Yoda single handedly raised the ship from the swamp.

Skywalker could only mutter the feeble sentence “I don’t believe it”. To which Yoda replied “That is why you fail”.

The lesson here is to believe in yourself and your own abilities to find a way to succeed, this thinking can be applied to any task that you want to complete.

Never think you are too small to make a difference, even the mosquito can pack a punch so powerful it can debilitate a man a great many sizes larger than itself.

After all, if you cannot believe in yourself then you should not expect anyone else to believe in you.

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