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Style is not something you can buy off the shelf, it is something that is developed as you grow. People think that they can buy it but they are buying a fashion or a trend, this is not style.

As the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Lauren once said; "Fashions fade, style is eternal". The stylish inspire us by what the wear and what they say, first we see and then we listen.

Fashion houses love to get celebrities to wear their latest line in clothes because this endorsement has a far-reaching effect on their millions of followers. Brand recognition and brand association are key drivers in this industry so the stylish celebrity must also be in line with the brands message.

So, with so many millions of dollars at stake the celebrities words become powerful tools of their trade which are marketable with the brand they represent and reporters love to quote them.

Where there is style there is attitude and we've curated the verbal pose in our style quote collection, we hope you enjoy them and if you do then don't forget to share. Sometimes all it takes is some words of inspiration from the famous to inspire others, it's good to share that happiness and if it can inspire you then it can inspire others also.

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"The difference between style and fashion is quality" - Giorgio Armani