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The competitiveness of sport is akin to war without the weapons. It is competition between two people or two sides who will do battle with bat, racquet or ball to see who can win.

There is the uncertainty of outcome that adds to the tension, it is the anticipation of what will happen that is so gripping that you must watch. By watching the race or sporting contest you take sides and hope that your team is successful, this builds emotional attachment to the result which either leaves you elated or deflated by the outcome.

It's little wonder then that when the victor emerges from the contest everyone wants a piece of them, there have been some classic sporting quotes recording just after the heat of battle when emotions are still running high.

We like to watch because we like to dream of ourselves in their position and the human psyche is hard wired to learn from other people’s successes, that's why we listen so intently to every word they say.

If sport is war without weapons then sports quotes is war without judgement, we hope you enjoy our selection of sports quotes and if you do then don't forget to share. Sometimes all it takes is some words of inspiration from the famous to inspire others, it's good to share that happiness and if it can inspire you then it can inspire others also.

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"I am a sporting man. I always give them a fair chance to get away" - Winston Churchill