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Movies have provided a platform for escapism for close on a century and counting. From the silent era of black and white all the way through to hi-tech animations or sci-fi and beyond people have been losing themselves in films as a form of escapism from their daily lives.

Movies are similar to books by way of involvement, you imagine yourself in any given situation and this invokes the emotional response so often heard during decisive moments or shock scenes in a horror movie.

Movies are easier than books though because someone else is reading the lines which adds that convenience that helped to popularise cinema going in the 20th century.

It's true that people go to the movies to see themselves but this does not stop them hanging off every word an actor says with quotes from movies becoming iconic folklore statements in real life.

Who can forget "Show me the money" from Jerry Maguire or that iconic line by Arnie: "I'll be back". No longer go for a month without a good movie quote with our round up of the most memorable movie quotes for your perusal.

Here is our selection of movie quotes, we hope you enjoy them and if you do then don't forget to share. We all have memories of moments and movies remind us of those moments so it's good to share on social media because if it can inspire you then it can inspire others also.

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