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The Power Of Phrase

"The Power Of Phrase" - A video animation created by the Quoteikon team using Blender 3D graphics software

Sponsored Posts Essentials

There are only two types of sponsored posts that will be considered for publication on Quoteikon:

  1. Articles articulating a Tagline, Phrase, Slogan, Quote or Expression
  2. A mini Bio detailing a famous or successful person

Quoteikon is a niche website. Publication of sponsored posts will strictly adhere to above criteria to maintain exclusivity within this niche. All articles or Bio's will be original content and between 600 to 3,000 words in length

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Sponsored Posts For Bio's

We only publish what we call alternative Bio's. These are mini biographies that range from around 600 up to 3,000 words and cover many famous and infamous people from the annals of history.

We now intend to extend the scope of these Bio's to cover successful movers and shakers from today's world including:

  1. Businessmen
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Executives
  4. Sports people
  5. Politicians
  6. Royalty
  7. Scientists
  8. Philanthropists
  9. Celebrities

What Can Be Expected From A Quoteikon Bio?

I strongly believe that a writer is only as good as the last article they published

Below is the list of the last five Bio's that I have published on Quoteikon. It should give a good indication of both my style of writing and an insight into how I like to portray said subject:

  1. Jack Kerouac - Writer
  2. Sophia Loren - Actress
  3. Homer - Greek Poet of Antiquity
  4. Hannah Arendt - Political Philosopher
  5. Marlon Brando - Actor

Sponsored Posts For a Tagline, Phrase, Slogan, Quote or Expression

Does your brand, or the brand you represent have a phrase, slogan, expression or tagline it uses for marketing or PR?

This can be applicable to any brand or company under your agency ..... Corporate or NGO

Maybe there is a brilliant quote by a top executive?

Upon agreement, I will articulate your phrase, slogan, quote or tagline into an article of substance that will be a bestowed bonus to a brand or assuage an assuring ambience to a PR campaign.

What Can Be Expected From A Quoteikon Produced Sponsored Article

The article will contain meaningful paragraphs that can be quoted in marketing or corporate literature.

Below list of five examples where I have written about quotes that are good indicators of how I can articulate your tagline, quote or phrase:

  1. Break The Ice
  2. Make A Mountain Out Of A Molehill
  3. Power Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac
  4. Logic Will Never Change Emotion Or Perception
  5. Tomorrow Is Promised To No One

If brand Narrative enhancement is a requirement, then tailored content can be created that fits within the scope of its objective.

The Quoteikon Touch

The Bio or article will contain meaningful descriptions and opinions that can be quoted across a broad spectrum of platforms from MSM to social media to wikipedia to corporate or marketing literature.

What I can offer is a unique perspective that will view the subject through a distinctly different biographical or analytical lens. For Bio's, I do not follow the bland and dry style of normal biographers. As with all my work, my modus operandi is to add some colour and zest to the subject under the spotlight.

Basic Guidelines

Sponsored posts will all be labelled at the top of the article/bio and full disclosure will be given to make it clear to readers it is a sponsored post.

As per Google guidelines, we will allow a maximum of two outbound links that shall be tagged as either no-follow or sponsored-post.

The fee charged will be on a case by case basis dependent on the depth of research required and the time to create final draft before publication

There will be a consultation period prior to any publication

All agreed payments to be made in advance of publication

It is strictly against Quoteikon policy to share any material information to any third-party and this shall be a reciprocal agreement

For Bio's written by Quoteikon, an NDA must be signed prior to any information or draft copies being shared (to protect both sides).

For articles written by Quoteikon, signing an NDA is recommended, but not mandatory, prior to any information or draft copies being shared (to protect both sides).

If you create your own sponsored post, it must be unique content that is plagiarism free. Quoteikon reserve the right to edit the post to correct grammar and spelling.

Final copy will always be agreed by both parties prior to publication

Website Info, Visitor Numbers

  • Website Pages: 674
  • Domain Age: First published 2014
  • Domain Authority: 48 (score taken from seoreviewtools dotcom authority checker)
  • Links: Link to your website will use either Sponsored Tag or No Follow Tag
  • Content type: Images; PNG or JPEG, Animated GIF or Animation MP4 or Video
  • Design: All images or animations will be Native (black and white in keeping with the design of the site)
  • Image Design: If we create your imagery, there will be a one-time production fee of $35 USD per post
  • Animation Design: If we create your animation, both parties will agree the production fee dependent on the complexity of design
  • Visitor Numbers: Over 20,000 monthly unique visitors (link to live account below)
  • Audience: Primarily U.S. and the Anglosphere
  • Visitor Origins: 90% visitors are from Search Engines, meaning fresh visitors daily
  • Language: English

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