Enjoy Each Day It's Not Coming Back Again

Enjoy Each Day It's Not Coming Back Again

Doris Day Quote

Enjoy each day it's not coming back again; Doris Day talking about making today and all your tomorrows count by enjoying them and appreciating the good moments

This Doris Day quote perfectly sums up her positive attitude to life, throughout her life she was always resilient with her fun and bubbly personality helping her through many setbacks.

Thinking about this quote she is right though, our journey on this planet is but a short one, everyone will go through ups and downs, the secret is to survive the downs and to enjoy the good moments while they last.

Every day is a new opportunity and everyone has a choice whether they want to positively embrace everything that will come their way or take a negative approach where you cannot see the good in anything.

Everyone can seize a feel good moment, it only takes you to hold the door open for a perfect stranger that may evoke a smile and an appreciative nod or even a thank you.

It's how you approach life that counts, if you can take a positive attitude into each day then you are more likely to appreciate moments when they occur, just a simple act of kindness can help improve someones mood greatly and it will make you feel better no matter how bad your day is.

If you can get into a habit of just giving a simple gesture or expressing a kind thought people will remember and life will reciprocate this back to you, there is no instant gratification you will notice but you will feel better and understand it when it does happen.

Carpe Diem, Seize The Day

Life is too short to dwell on the negative, each day that passes is one that you will never get back, so you should ask yourself; Do I want to enjoy living my life or merely go through the motions of existing?

Carpe diem is the Latin phrase for seize the day and if applied to your life you never have to go another day without an enjoyable moment, it's up to you and you alone if you want to enjoy each and every one of your remaining days.

The clock starts counting down on your life from the moment you are born, you never know how many days you have left so I choose to live every day with a smile on my face and try to find a positive in the not so good days also.

This Doris Day quote suggesting to "enjoy each day it's not coming back again" gives a meaning of positive affirmation that life's too short to concentrate on worrying.

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