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Motivation quotes work because the meaning tugs at the negativity clouding your judgement, let's hope our collection works for you.

We all need some motivation from time to time to keep us going and to keep our eye on the goal. Motivation can come in many forms with speeches having an historical influence on many world events.

Great orators like Winston Churchill who inspired a nation during WWII and Martin Luther King's famous civil rights speeches during the 1960's that garnered a worldwide following that developed the influence of change for the better black America are just two examples of the power of motivation.

Motivation plays a part all the way down from world leaders to the boardrooms of business and the shop floor of commerce. The result driven rationale behind motivation is just as applicable to real life as it is to business and a whole industry has been created to feed it with motivational quotes on slide shows being the main source for inspiration.

Here is our selection of motivation quotes, we hope you enjoy them and if you do then don't forget to share. We all look for motivation and if it is good enough for a boardroom slideshow then it's good enough to share on social media so if it can inspire some motivation then that has got to give us the most satisfaction.

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There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country - Theodore Roosevelt