One Must Take What Comes With Laughter

One Must Take What Comes With Laughter

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One must take what comes with laughter; Olivia de Havilland quote about defusing the tension of any situation with humility by laughing in the face of adversity

The rocky road of life has a nauseating habit of making a mockery of the best laid plans no matter how much cunning and research has been put into them.

When things go awry it must be taken seriously but not so seriously that you lose the plot completely with an over reaction.

Laughing In The Face Of Adversity

Mistakes and misjudgements are inevitable, it is how you deal with them that really counts. Laughing in the face of adversity can defuse the tension of the situation giving you more time for collecting your thoughts and deciding on a new strategy.

Using humour is an excellent defence mechanism against the evil of stress, it deflates the burden by looking at it with dark humour, the British are masters of understatement and using gallows humour to brighten spirits when the odds are stacked against you.

Nobody is perfect but how we react to our mistakes defines our character, you must pick yourself up and start again, stop looking for perfection because it will never be achieved.

Life is about living not striving for utopian work that is unattainable, to keep on aiming for perfection is a recipe for stress and anxiety.

If you can laugh at whatever comes your way your life will be so much better, doing this makes waking up with a smile on your face a routine feel-good habit and is a great basis for a positive life outlook regardless of whatever circumstances come your way.

One of the first battles to be won is against your ego. Being too prideful discourages you from laughing at yourself.

Having the ability to laugh at your own mistakes is an essential part of destressing your life, if you lose the ego you will find the first time you laugh at yourself is easier than you think, be mindful of this and it will become a welcome habit.

The ability to laugh at yourself shows humility and is heartwarming to others because everyone makes mistakes so it is easy for others to understand your situation.

You can slow down and relax but this does not mean you have to lose the passion and drive for your work. You can still be passionate and ambitious without the shackles of taking the rough times too seriously, for sure the hard times matter but keeping your composure is a key coping mechanism during stressful times.

This Olivia de Havilland quote; "One must take what comes with laughter" proves that she practiced what she preached because you do not live to be a centenarian by taking life too seriously.

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