Digital Website Advertising Guide For Quoteikon

Ad Placement Summary

  • Website Pages: 648 pages available for Ad placement
  • Links: Link to your website will use either Sponsored Tag or No Follow Tag
  • Content type: Images; PNG or JPEG, Animated GIF or Animation MP4 or Video
  • Design: All images or animations will be Native Ads (black and white in keeping with the design of the site)
  • Image Design: If we create your Ad, there will be a one-time production fee of $35 USD
  • Animation Design: If we create your animation, both parties will agree the production fee dependent on the complexity of design
  • Ad Sizes: All Ads will follow given dimensions (see rate card)
  • Costing model: Flat rate model, see fixed pricing on rate card (scroll down page)
  • Visitor Numbers: Over 20,000 unique visitors/month
  • Visitor Numbers Real Time Click the link: Visitor Numbers (Link will go to Quoteikon Statcounter LIVE summary page)
  • Audience: Primarily U.S. and the Anglosphere
  • Visitor Origins: 90% visitors are from Search Engines, meaning your Ad will be displayed to fresh visitors daily
  • Domain Authority: 48 (score taken from seoreviewtools dotcom authority checker)
  • Language: English
  • Download: Download Rate Card and website info pack as pdf
  • Ad Enquiry: Use form at bottom of the page

Example (below) of how a 468px/90px Ad will display (this size ad will be on all pages)

Place Your Ad Here 468x90

Sponsored Ad

Quoteikon Ad Policy

Inappropriate Ad Content

We value diversity and respect for others. Therefore, we strive to avoid offending web visitors. Hence, we do not allow ads or destinations that display controversial or shocking content or promote hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or violence.

Examples of inappropriate or offensive content:

  1. Bullying or intimidation of an individual or group
  2. Racial discrimination
  3. Religious discrimination
  4. Hate group paraphernalia
  5. Graphic crime scene or accident images
  6. Cruelty to animals
  7. Crime
  8. Sale or trade of endangered species
  9. Ads using profane language
  10. Counterfeit Goods
  11. Copyright Infringements
  12. Spyware and Malware
  13. Hacking and Surveillance
  14. Weapons and Explosives
  15. Adult Products and Services
  16. Unsafe Supplements
  17. Fake Documents
  18. Prohibited financial products

The advertiser is always responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations for all of the locations where your ads are showing.

Ad Rate Card

All Monetary Values are USD Flat Rate For One Month Advertising

Ad Size Ad Location Description Price
220px-300px All Bio pages Ad will display on 503 pages $189.00
468px-90px All article & Bio pages Ad will display on 648 pages $179.00
350px-250px All article pages Ad will display on 134 pages $169.00

Ad Rate Card Notes

Ad Placement Enquiry Form

You may select 1, 2 or 3 Ad sizes dependent on your requirement

Select your preferred Ad medium. You can add further info or questions in the comments field