All about Quoteikon

All About Quoteikon

Quoteikon is a labour of love about quotes that is compiled and curated by one person: Michael Joseph Farrelly.

Looking back through history inspired me to choose a web noir design of black and white contrast that hopefully gives Quoteikon a "look" that reflects this philosophical collection of thoughts written both about quotes and the famous and infamous ikons who made them throughout the eons of history.

Dig a bit deeper and you will find Quoteikon is more than a "Quote" website as I write biographies about the people featured and share explicated thoughts on selected quotes we articulate.

I could go as far as to say there is probably more original content on Quoteikon than any other quote website.

However, if your expectation is an industrial machine generating millions of quotes then you may be disappointed.

Biggest is not always best, especially when it comes to lists, that's why Quoteikon values quality quotes not quantity and user experience over wading through lists.

We have chosen what we believe, in our humble opinion, to be the best quotes of the respective authors listed here, meaning your search will not consume too much of your precious time searching for what you want.

I totally understand anyone who wants to create a website containing millions of quotes because it means you have got all bases covered, or so the theory goes.

They can deliver each and every verified quote by the bold, the good and the infamous; As long as their visitors have the time to scroll through page after page of every dissected variation of quotes, speeches and utterances imaginable.

My experience as a user was frustration by the sheer length of some quote lists, to understand what I experienced you could as an example look through some of the big quotation sites to see the lists for Winston Churchill quotes or Mark Twain to give you a verifiable instance.

Some sites list thousands of quotes for each author which is tedium beyond the patience of anyone but an obsessed stalker or the most determined researcher with a lot of time on their hands.

I do have a database containing above 30,000 quotes and although I am still adding to it I do not plan to take it past the 50,000 mark. Why? Well some sites have over two million quotes, happy surfing.

I value quality over quantity to reduce the need to wade through thousands of quotes just to find the one you are looking for.

Personal preference is subjective so I have tried to curate the most liked quotes for your perusal.

I have personally selected every quote on this website and all the descriptions and meanings are also my own ramblings.

If you like our website that is great, if you don't like our website maybe you should contact me to tell me why. I value all opinions so it would be great to hear yours.

So if you want to know about Quoteikon? Then hook up with me via the contact us page or via our Facebook Page, I am ready to talk and I am ready to listen

Michael Joseph