We Don't Remember Days We Remember Moments

We Don't Remember Days We Remember Moments

Cesare Pavese Quote

We Don't Remember Days We Remember Moments, a quote by Italian poet, novelist and literary critic Cesare Pavese so spontaneous in nature yet defining the power that has shaped nations.

From the epic speeches of Winston Churchill , to the iconic demolition of the Berlin wall there are specific moments that people will always remember.

In the subsequent decades following World War II a question that was asked a million times was 'where were you on VE day?'

Such is the power of emotion felt around a defining moment that it can echo throughout the centuries by the recorded word.

It could be anything; A Herculean feat of strength, a careless act from a world leader or a instance of unbelievable skill from a sportsman that takes your breath away and is the difference between winning and losing.

How many times has a lady been asked about the time her husband proposed to her and where were they when it happened? You can feel the joy of 'their moment' and imagine the happiness in their eyes.

Defining Moments

The defining moment of any situation is always what is not just reported but also remembered, just a brief look at history reveals so many defining moments that changed the course of what was to be.

Famous leaders have been defined by their acts that were proved to be pivotal in their future success or failure, who can forget Richard Nixon's Watergate affair or Nelson Mandela's speech after his ultimate release from prison to be elected president of South Africa.

Cesare Pavese was also very well read as he was credited with translating many epic books from authors such as James Joyce, Charles Dickens, John Steinbeck and Daniel Defoe for the Italian public to read.

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