The Road To Success Runs Uphill

The Road To Success Runs Uphill

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The Road To Success Runs Uphill, a Willy Davis quote explaining which way to run to succeed.

This former NFL American footballer knows a thing or two about success as he won 5 NFL titles and two Super Bowls.

The path of least resistance is where most people care to tread and the path to success is littered with people who gave up just before they were going to reach their goal.

The fine line between reward and failure has risen higher and higher as the centuries have progressed. It takes someone with a strong mental outlook to keep on bouncing back from failures and this is the uphill road Willy so aptly describes.

Being successful at anything is hard work, it's true that some people make it look easy but beneath the veneer of smiles lies an ethic of hard work.

I've lost count of the books I've read about successful people who all seem to recount their failures as lessons learnt to get them where they are today.

Physical sport is unforgiving at a professional level to those who do not train hard.

To get to the top you have to be the best and although natural ability such as skill and speed will get you so far you have to go further, you have to physically train your body to be faster and stronger.

Strength of the mind also comes into it and sports psychologists are now employed to impart a positive outlook where the sportsman believes he will succeed.

Sports scientists are also employed to devise the diet required by each individual sportsman depending on their designated training regime.

People see their sporting superstars on television lifting trophies in a gleeful expression but, this masks the sheer hard work they have dedicated their life to to reach the pinnacle of any sporting career.

The road to success does indeed run uphill and it is a steep and long hill to ascend and succeed.

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