If Opportunity Doesn't Knock Build A Door

If Opportunity Doesn't Knock Build A Door

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From the Bronx to Broadway the saying 'if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door' could not be more relevant in every imaginable walk of life and Milton Berle coined this phrase that he lived by throughout his life as he knew you've got to hustle to beat the tussle.

Milton Berle was once dubbed by the New York Times as the 'thief of bad gags' for his openness about 'borrowing' other comics material for his performances but this just highlighted his appetite for developing his career and creating his persona in the process.

He was prepared to change and always open to new material and ideas.

After the second world war Berle embraced the new broadcast medium and quickly became known as Mr Television across America and as his fame grew he was also the motivation for many Americans to purchase their first TV set.

After his early TV fame waned in the mid fifties Berle reinvented himself as a comedian on the Vegas strip as well as taking in numerous TV roles so he knew a thing or two about building his own doors to create his own opportunities in life.

Opportunities in life sometimes arrive when you least expect them and having an eye for the opportunity can be the difference between success and failure.

It is when the opportunities dry up that you have to make things happen yourself, this is when you must pick yourself up and use your imagination to think how you can build that door to create your own opportunities.

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