Motivation Starts Your Engine, Determination Drives You There

Motivation Starts Your Engine, Determination Drives You There

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Motivation starts your engine, determination drives you there; Michael Joseph rides the incentive engine fuelled by tenacity.

Motivation is a psychological force that compels a person to an action that can deliver a desired goal. To get started on anything we need to be incentivised and every one of us has triggers and thresholds that define how and when this happens.

Motivational Triggers

These triggers represent our rationale to get started. The main motivational triggers are fear, incentive, ambition, power and social acceptance.

A fear of losing your home or losing something or someone precious is enough to stimulate people to do what ever is necessary to maintain what they already have.

Incentive motivates people to achieve targets to receive a reward which is precious to them while ambition pushes the individual to achieve more so they can climb the ladder of personal growth.

Power is a means to an end and the motivating factor is usually control over your own life and others around you and all that entails whilst social acceptance is the prime factor for those who desire peer recognition.

Motivational Thresholds

Everyone has thresholds or tipping points where once breeched, an action will be taken. This is the risk reward area of the motivational map. An individuals motivational threshold changes with their circumstances, a person fresh out of college is likely to have a lower tipping point to action than a seasoned professional.

A successful individual is likely to be incentivised by richer rewards that they believe they deserve. The pay scale within an organisation will reflect this and is basically a motivational map of the company structure.


Once an individual has been motivated into action what follows next is the determination to achieve your goal.

An individuals motivation can diminish if the path to their goal is littered with challenges for them to overcome. Sticking to your task and avoiding distractions is never easy, this is where your determination to succeed must supercede all obstacles in your way.

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