The 5 D's Of Success

The 5 D's Of Success

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These days it's not enough to be talented as what was once a rare gift apportioned only to the lucky few is now a dime a dozen, nowadays in order to achieve success you have to go much further to succeed.

Talent is no longer the harbinger of success, that accolade lays with the application of the 5 D's of success, namely:

  1. Direction - your goal defined
  2. Desire - the hunger for success
  3. Dedication - the unwavering focus to follow your dream
  4. Determination - your resolve to stay the course
  5. Discipline - your ability to avoid distraction

Your Direction Defined

Before you start you have to know your destination, you have to define exactly what it is you are trying to achieve.

Saying you want to be successful in music, business or sport is not defining a specific goal, you need to create a set of definable targets within a set of time frames you are comfortable with.

Once you have your direction defined you are now on course for implementing the 5 D's to success.

The Desire For Success

Hunger or your desire for success is what drives the talented forward, maybe their own or their families life experiences has toughened their mental attitude whereby they are prepared to take on the seemingly impossible and still succeed.

The Tim Notke quote “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” is their inspiration and is the key to their success.

Having the desire is the springboard for the talented to get started, but you must keep this desire, you have to keep the hunger for success.

The Dedication Of Time

Achieving your goal will take hard work, a lot of hard work, your focus must remain unfazed and you have to dedicate yourself to the task in hand.

In the age of instant gratification it can be a difficult adjustment realising you have to train or work harder and for longer than you ever have before but this is the sacrifice you must accept to achieve your goal.

Once you dedicate yourself to your project you must channel your total focus towards the project success and be prepared to sacrifice your time to make it happen.

When it comes to dedication I always think of the British military phrase "train hard fight easy" which translates to training hard so your reactions come easy to you in your real life work situation.

The Determination To Overcome Obstacles

No matter how good your plan there will be times that are sure to test your resolve, it is how you deal with these challenges that can define your eventual outcome.

Deviation is not an option, if you change your goal at the first sign of turbulence then you will probably never achieve anything worthwhile.

You may encounter many small failures on your journey but these are just signs that this wasn't the right path for you, the truly determined will find another way to achieve the success you desire.

The Discipline Of Distraction Avoidance

When it comes to meeting deadlines then discipline is the code of conduct to follow. A disciplined schedule will keep you on course, it helps with your timeliness, it the oil that keeps the machine running smoothly.

If you have daily quotas or weekly targets a disciplined person will have this in mind and keep their schedule adjusted to meet the important targets.

There will be distractions, there always are, but if you keep your discipline you will not allow anything to get in your way. Distractions can be personal or professional, some may be unavoidable but if you have the right attitude you will still make the time to hit your daily targets.

Following the 5 D's to success is a sure fire way to define your target and make it achievable if you have the desire to do what ever it takes, the dedication to commit, the determination to keep going regardless and the discipline of deadlines.

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