Embrace Fear It Is Not Your Enemy It Is Your Motivation

Embrace Fear It Is Not Your Enemy It Is Your Motivation

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Embrace Fear It Is Not Your Enemy It Is Your Motivation, beating fear is by far the greatest accomplishment anyone can achieve, its satisfaction level is off the scale.

Feeling fear is natural, but you will remove the largest stumbling block in your life when you decide to face your fears.

Some people say they fear the dentist but the dentist is not really a scary person, it is the fear of the dental procedure and the pain one has to endure that is the rationale fuelling this fear.

I never really thought I was scared of heights but once I decided to jump off Auckland tower that perception kind of changed. Walking to the edge off the platform and seeing cars and trucks the size of ants polarised my mind on what I had let myself in for.

Taking that step onto mid air and going into freefall was something I'd not done before and it produced an intensity of fear I'd never felt before. I rationalised it to myself that this jump is completed safely many times a day, I told myself to man up and take the jump, which I did.

The result was so exhilarating I had an adrenalin release like I have never felt before, for the rest of the day I could still feel the effect of the endorphins released into my system.

I thought about the whole experience and it dawned on me that if I had walked away scared to jump then that fear would have haunted me and affected me for the rest of my life.

It proved to me that rational thought should be able to overcome any fear of everyday situations, ok the jump was the extreme side of this but, it still boils down to the same result.

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"The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear" - Mahatma Gandhi