Results Will Show Up When You Do

Results Will Show Up When You Do

Jill Koenig Quote

Results will show up when you do; A Jill Koenig motivational quote on achieving your goals by adopting a get up and go strategy that builds momentum with commitment and persistence.

Jill Koenig is known as one of Americas top goal strategists and she wastes no time in getting to the point with this results oriented quote.

This is a more motivational quote than a inspirational quote because it is a daily reminder that you must get up and get going if you want to expect any results at the end of your planned implementation strategy on the road to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

The First Step Is Important

It stands to reason that you only get out of life what you are prepared to put in but sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself to put in that first step in your quest to get what you want.

The first step is the important one, it doesn't matter if you are writing a thesis, looking for a job or training to reach your fitness goal, the first step is the one that gets you started and gives you the opportunity to take the next step which leads to building up important momentum.

Achieving Your Goal Through Commitment And Persistence

Once you have defined your goal then planning an achievable strategy in reaching your goal comes next, it is important you are realistic in drawing up an achievable agenda.

Most people understand you cannot expect results to show without being prepared to put the hard work in but the results are dependent on your commitment and your persistence in pursuing your goal.

Before setting goals you must do your research, you probably understand the hard work involved to achieve your targets, but the thing is the results you envisage inside your mind cannot be realised until you actually get moving and keep moving.

Talk is cheap, a CEO is more interested in seeing results than hearing about them, the emphasis is very heavily on 'show me don't tell me'; the words 'show me' is the essence of why the quote 'results will show up when you do' meaning actions are louder than words.

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