Animals Don't Hate And We're Supposed To Be Better Than Them

Animals Don't Hate And We're Supposed To Be Better Than Them

Elvis Presley Quote

Animals don't hate and we're supposed to be better than them; An Elvis Presley quote shaming the savagery of the human race.

Elvis was a lifelong animal lover and this quote is a measure of his all too true comparison between animals and humans.

If you were to list all the animals Elvis used to own it would present itself as a menagerie of domestic, farmyard and exotic creatures of all shapes and sizes, so he was well positioned to hold this opinion.

The Price Of Progress

You do not have to look very far into the existence of humans to see the hatred of anything deemed different or against a certain way of thinking. In fact as Woodrow Wilson once said to gain enemies all you have to do is try to change something and the vitriol will start to flow.

It is very ironic that the progression of the human race has got as far as it has already considering the price that has been consistently paid for that progress.

Animals Kill For Survival Not For Gain or Hate

It is always against someones or somethings personal interest that the rationale to hate is drawn and the hate can come in many cunning disguises.

Hate by proxy is another cunning human condition that is constantly used to control or distract people from what is really important.

Yet hate does not come naturally in the animal world, in the wild animals can kill to exist and their instinct has evolved in this way, but when animals kill it is not for gain or with hate in their minds but for survival.

Humans on the other hand have for centuries killed animals for sport although this is another aspect of animal cruelty it does not involve the emotion of hate.

Human society has moved a long way from following our natural instincts, with the evolution of the mind and the ability to create rational thought a price has been paid which is manipulation.

It is within the realm of manipulation that the good the bad and the ugly side of human nature is forever creating situations where people can be divided by a perceived but to them believable threat resulting in hate.

It's a great quote and as Elvis says we're supposed to be better than the animals but humans are the ones carrying all the hatred, it's just a pity more of us don't display the humanist side of our nature with each other.

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