Give Peace A Chance

Give Peace A Chance

John Lennon Quote

Give peace a chance; The erudite words from John Lennon that are as poignant in today's war torn world as they were in the Vietnam war era.

Recorded in a Queen Elizabeth hotel room in 1969 in Montreal Canada the John Lennon song 'Give Peace A Chance' went on to become the anthem of the anti Vietnam war movement of the 1970's.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono were conducting the worlds first 'Bed-In' protest that started during their honeymoon in the Amsterdam Hilton hotel.

The press were invited and in their sleazy minds they were expecting some kind of morally depraved sex show, oh the irony when they were met with peace slogans and a stance questioning the morality of war.

An Icon For The Peace Movement

The Bed-In roadshow moved onto Montreal where the idea was hatched to record the song Give Peace A Chance in the hotel room.

The John Lennon quote 'Just Give Peace A Chance' was oft repeated to the baying journalists hoping for something a bit more juicy and it created an icon for the peace movement.

Although the recording was very ad libitum the end result was a massive success that has echoed throughout the following decades with it being re-recorded a multitude of times by various artistes.

The words 'give peace a chance' are as appropriate today as they were some 50+ years ago and it is now one of those sayings that will still reverberate through the forthcoming centuries.

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"One moment on the battlefield is worth a thousand years of peace" - Benito Mussolini