Where Words Fail Music Speaks

Where Words Fail Music Speaks

Hans Christian Andersen Quote

Where words fail music speaks; A Hans Christian Andersen quote recognising that music is the international language that expresses feelings we all understand.

Music does not differentiate race, religion or nationality and is unique in bringing people together to experience the same emotions.

When Music Speaks

Music has the ability to express feelings and accentuate the importance of a moment, when music speaks it is the decoration of unspoken words from the soul and has the ability to cross all borders.

Can you imagine watching a movie without a sound track? It would be devoid of atmosphere and the feelings music usually evokes would render the movie completely ineffective.

Sometimes you barely notice the background music but once you take it away from a movie it is like removing the life force of the movie, it is taking the soul out of it.

Music Impacts Feelings

I think it's great that a story teller from the nineteenth century was aware of the impact music has on feelings and the emotional reaction it can provoke.

I can envisage if Hans Christian Andersen was born a century later his imaginative work would be in constant demand from the corridors of Hollywood.

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"Music survives everything, and like God, it is always present. It needs no help, and suffers no hindrance" - Eric Clapton