Instead Of Getting Married Again I'm Going To Find A Woman I Don't Like And Give Her A House

Instead Of Getting Married Again I'm Going To Find A Woman I Don't Like And Give Her A House

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Instead of getting married again I'm going to find a woman I don't like and give her a house; Rod Stewart exasperated at the divorce process.

Rod Stewart has been a rock and roll legend for nearly 50 years but you do not have to be a rock icon to accumulate baggage through half a century of living.

The Spoils of the Hollywood Divorce Courts

There have been many men who have shared this notion in Rods quote as a consequence of their divorces so Rod is definitely not alone with this thought.

Diamonds and Real Estate that are supposed to bring togetherness to a marital union soon become the spoils of the Hollywood divorce courts.

Rod Stewart has achieved great things in his music career and the press are always keen to do stories on celebrities that include rock and roll over indulgence.

The Unspoken Side Of Rock and Roll

However what does not always get mentioned is the tremendous support celebrities like Rod Stewart give to charities. If you dig beneath the charity singles and charity gigs that many rock and rollers appear in there is a list as long as your arm of charities that Rod has supported. This is not just financial donations but valuable time that has been given to support these charities.

I found evidence of sixteen charities that Rod has helped covering subjects such as breast cancer, diabetes, education, children, Aids, hearing, the environment, Lowe syndrome, multiple sclerosis, the Red Cross and bullying.

Rod also became a spokesman for the City of Hope Foundation where he auctioned personal items and memorabilia to help fund cancer research.

It's like the unspoken side of rock and roll where it's not a story if the rock star tries to do some altruistic charitable work.

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"I was always a good housekeeper. Whenever I divorced I always kept the house" - Zsa Zsa Gabor