There's An Audience For Everything

There's An Audience For Everything

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There's an audience for everything; Meaning no matter what your act is there are people willing to watch and many will even to pay to see the spectacle.

Yes Davy, even The Monkees. Seriously though when you consider the vast different genre of music and movies Davy Jones has been involved with he definitely had a point.

Davy Jones had a successful career in music, as an actor and in business. He was an original teen idol of the sixties with his handsome good looks and infectious good humour.

He was an accomplished actor who was nominated for a Tony award for his role as the Artful Dodger in the Broadway production of Oliver.

From The Monkees first concert in Honolulu in 1966 they've played all the top venues from Madison Square Gardens to Las Vegas so from a star viewing an audience perspective Davy Jones certainly has the experience to be in a position to judge what audiences want.

Across the decades maybe some of their support acts were of a lesser musical standing but still managed to gain the plaudits of the critics. Or maybe he knew that some people like to suffer in an audience, just ask Alfred Hitchcock, he had a quote about that :-)

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