Life Without Music Would Be Like A World Without Colour

Life Without Music Would Be Like A World Without Colour

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Life without music would be like a world without colour is adding another dimension of understanding to what music actually is.

I love this musically inspired quote by a self styled life coach, entrepreneur and cultured musician Mark Desvaux.

The impact different colours have on our lives have been known for a long time. Background colours on the walls of houses tend to be light pastel colours that are relaxing

Strong colours like red give a meaning of unbridled passion, energy and determination whereas blue is a colour of trust which is why it is used extensively by business to invoke a shared feeling of trust required when doing deals.

What Colour Gives to the Eye Music Gives to the Ear

So if all colour is removed from life then the world will be a dull place. So colour not just makes the world easy on the eye it gives life to everything the eye can perceive.

Whatever colour gives to the eye music can give to the ear, so a world without music really would be like a world without colour.

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"Melody is the essence of music" - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart