What I Aspire To In My Life, Truly, Is To Be Loving

What I Aspire To In My Life, Truly, Is To Be Loving

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What I aspire to in my life, truly, is to be loving; Donna Summer from behind the disco ball wanted nothing more than to play happy families.

This multi Grammy award winning singer had three children all born during her some of her most productive musical years.

Donna Summer was the undisputed queen of the disco scene in the mid to late 1970's with racy disco dance tunes and an incredible range of voice.

But when you read quotes like this it removes the mask and reveals the real beautiful person beneath with a warm and loving heart.

Record labels are so obsessed with PR and promoting the image to sell the song or the 'brand' of music genre they totally disregard the actual human behind the facade.

It is warming to know that Donna Summer didn't let go of the true values of aspiring to be truly loving and caring for all her family.

The quote is an excellent example for everyone because Donna Summer's aspirations to be truly loving sheds light on the disco star as a good role model for all wannabe rock and rollers.

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