A Real Leader Faces The Music Even If He Doesn't Like The Tune

A Real Leader Faces The Music Even If He Doesn't Like The Tune

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A real leader faces the music even if he doesn't like the tune; Meaning a true leader is prepared to face all adversity, a real leader does not choose what he likes to deal with, he faces all.

Hundreds of years ago leaders used to go into battle with their armies, they tended to be strong and wanted to lead by example.

After a few of them were given short thrift and put to the sword it was decided by a new leader that this policy was no longer a good idea and actively discouraged until it became popular policy not to lead from the front.

One of the side effects of this was leaders became less reticent about the decision to go to war, after all there was a lot to be gained without the risk of losing your life (provided your army won of course).

Bury The Bad News

Maybe war is an extreme case but how many world leaders are prepared to face the music when things go wrong? I think most look for an expendable scapegoat to take the blame or use the common practice of distraction to try to bury the bad news beneath a new story they have created.

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