Things Go Up And Down. If You Can Survive The Down, It Will Come Back

Things Go Up And Down. If You Can Survive The Down, It Will Come Back

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Things go up and down. If you can survive the down, it will come back; John Denver quote on the rock and roll roller coaster of life.

Another 70's sensation John Denver was a best selling artist whose acoustic sounds were inspired by nature and his love of life.

The oft repeated cycle of success and failure John talked about here tells a story of achieving eventual success in life, John Denver succeeded in that but the razzamatazz of showbiz disguises the battles endured to achieve that success.

He is correct in his assertion here but the depth of fortitude required in the face of sometimes severe adversity can be overwhelming, the key literally here is surviving until the next upswing in fortunes.

John Denver The Humanitarian and His Awards

John Denver was also a renowned humanitarian and environmentalist who enthusiastically promoted institutions such as the Windstar Foundation, Save The Children Foundation, Friends Of The Earth and the Cousteau Society.

He was an active member of Unicef and President Jimmy Carter appointed him to the Commission On World and Domestic Hunger.

Winning awards was something that John Denver excelled at with the usual list of music awards being complimented by his long list of humanitarian awards.

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