Keep Your Eyes On The Stars And Your Feet On The Ground

Keep Your Eyes On The Stars And Your Feet On The Ground

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Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground; Theodore Roosevelt encouraging the aspirations of the American dream by pushing the boundaries with your humility intact in pursuit of your goals. Or to put it in its short form: elevating hope from terrafirma.

Whatever your ambition, wherever your life pursuit takes you and however you chase your dreams you must never lose sight of where you came from or who you really are.

It's human nature to aspire for more, it has fuelled the evolution of mankind for hundreds of millennia and it will eventually take us into the biggest frontier ever faced by humans, the universe past our solar system.

It's part of the make up of every civilization to stare at the stars and dream of what can be out there, it's the grass is always greener syndrome or in this case the stars are always brighter on the other side of the galaxy maybe.

The Sky Is Not The Limit

Dreaming is only limited to the imagination of the dreamer, when staring at the stars your mind can wander to any place or situation it can conceive or desire. You stare up at night and you know the sky is not the limit and you know deep down that your mind is limitless just like the universe you are staring at.

You stare at the night sky for inspiration for it shares common values with you, it is the greatest ever unknown and that is why it is so appealing because it presses the curiosity buttons of your mind.

Your future is unknown just like the stars you look up to at night are unknown, astronomers can map systems and astrologers may track movements of celestial objects in an attempt to correlate the information with worldly events but this is like discovering the first grain of sand in the Sahara desert and speculating the total number of individual grains of sand on earth.

Astrology has been an easy sell to the superstitious and many confuse it wrongly with astronomy but there is no real comparison because astronomy deals in scientific facts, albeit limited at present, while astrology gives you different versions of your daily horoscope to read.

More often than not your dreams are more about down to earth matters than a galactic voyage through the Orion Nebula. Looking at the stars is your common ground, you can only imagine what secrets the stars are yet to reveal just like you can only imagine the outcome of your tomorrow.

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