We Cannot Solve Our Problems With The Same Thinking That Created Them

We Cannot Solve Our Problems With The Same Thinking That Created Them

Albert Einstein Quote

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them; Albert Einstein vilifying the suits who cling onto the law of repetition.

I think what he meant was using the same people to fix things they will use the same thought process and end up with similar shortfalls, repetition of known failings inevitably leads to more failings albeit of a somewhat similar flavour.

Another great Einstein quote that bloodies the nose of academia yet again.

If you are an expert in your field and your design has improved something but has also had the unintended consequence of creating a different set of problems then this is the incentive to take your original thinking to the next level.

People are educated through repetition of process and memorising facts but if the process has failings or worse still the facts are at best subjective then this proves problematic to any mind tasked to think differently to find a solution.

This is especially evident in terms of new innovation where the idea has to be practically rammed down peoples throats for them to sit up and take notice.

Original ideas are few and far between and they seldom function at the first time of asking. It tends to be the innovators that pick things up and with fresh minds and not wearied by thought process of creating the idea they run faster as profit is usually their only goal.

Many innovators are also slick salesmen and their ability to sell a product or idea can be very both persuasive and pervasive, a consequence of this is once people believe something they like to stay steadfast to their deliberation.

The Scientist Is The Turtle and The Innovator the Hare

It can be hard to accept a once iron clad idea to be fallible but it happens again and again. While the innovator has steamed ahead taking the glory, science and the original idea are seemingly lagging behind until a eureka dawn greets them and they have a breakthrough capable of improving the original and bettering the innovator.

Great science does not make great sales though unless the idea has an end use and solves a problem.

Proving something scientifically is a slow process and the turtle analogy represents the methodology of thought proving fact while the innovators and salesman are akin to the hare ready to pounce on anything that can conceivably sell.

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