Dreaming Is To The Imagination What Knowledge Is To Academia

Dreaming Is To The Imagination What Knowledge Is To Academia

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Dreaming is to the imagination what knowledge is to academia, a quote meaning history has been recorded but the unwritten future is has yet to be conceptualised.

Knowledge is important, but knowledge without imagination confines our limits to what we already know. Knowledge is mired in what is whilst imagination reveals what could be.

Quite simply, academia wallows in regurgitation whilst the vision of creation is conceived in imagination.

There is more that we as yet do not know that can only be accessed through the power of the imagination.

Conceptual design is first conceived in the mind and this is the first step to making something a reality.

Another thing is the internet is full of useful and useless information, I'll hazard a bet many have fallen prey to something as silly as the wrong method to boil an egg in a microwave oven, go google there is good and misinformed ways on how to avoid egg explosions.

The biggest incentive is always the will to want something done, peoples needs for something is the fuel that fires the will to do it, so the greater the need will then in turn increase the will to do it.

This is the stage that the imaginative mind is required to think outside the routine line of thoughts to find the solution to the issue at hand.

The process more often than not takes time, during this time the imagination stretches the boundaries of known knowledge looking for this solution.

Very often the eureka moment happens at the most peculiar of times; The very moment you wake up after a nights sleep.

The human mind does indeed work in a very strange and not fully understood way.

Original image by Harry Clarke from the book Fairy Tales By Hans Christian Andersen.

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