Yet Reality Is Just Whatever Illusion We Believe In

Yet Reality Is Just Whatever Illusion We Believe In

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Yet Reality Is Just Whatever Illusion We Believe In, a quote meaning a train of dimensional thought whereby people believe what they want to believe and everything is just an illusion.

Joseph Jastrow was an American psychologist noted for expanding the thinking in experimental psychology, he was also the creator of optical illusions such as the duck/rabbit image shown here.

Fola was the author of the book called The Seed from where this quote was taken and to me, the image and quote are a perfect fit together.

Just where does reality and illusion begin? Since Albert Einstein went down the track of understanding quantum mechanics it has revealed a whole new dimension of puzzles to be pondered.

Many scientific minds have seen the limit of human awareness whereby we are held back by our senses and are now seriously contemplating the connection of the spiritual with the relative world.

This transcendental world is believed to lay in intuition and may well be the next stage of the evolution of our species.

Intuitive or Instinctive Decisions

While instinct and collected knowledge all play a part in decision making it is not fully proven that they are responsible for all intuitive decision making.

It is understandable to come to a decision that instinct is playing a part but no one alive can scientifically point with certainty that instinct can be decisively traced back to a moment in our evolution for every instance of an intuitive decision.

Extra Sensory Perception

There are so many parts of our brains relatively unused it could be conceivably conjectured that evolution will eventually awaken these dormant cells and in doing so unleash an uncertain level of extra sensory perception.

The Duck Rabbit Image Was Created by Joseph Jastrow.

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"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" - Albert Einstein