Go To Heaven For The Climate, Hell For The Company

Go To Heaven For The Climate, Hell For The Company

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Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company; Mark Twain advocating global burning for want of a good conversation, climate change finally has its merits

Mark Twain was a larger than life literary figure well known for his satire, wit, speeches and great quotes like this reference to the benefits of heaven and hell.

From Scenery and Climate To Companionship and Conversation

Although said very tongue in cheek it is very easy to understand what Mark Twain meant by going to heaven for the scenery and climate and to hell for the companionship.

Kids are educated to believe good people go to heaven while the bad are subjected to an eternity in hell and as they progress to adults the temptations of life can erode these beliefs to a distant memory.

Some adhere to never breaking any rules and never taking any risks but more often than not they would bore you into a state of startled amazement at their lack of imagination and adventure.

If heaven was filled with people like this it would be very easy to tire of their predictable conversation. The wonderful climate that you long yearned for would soon become as dull as your fellow inmates talking about their herbaceous borders, you would long for the diversity of personalities so readily available but not always appreciated on earth.

Your thoughts could soon shift to what hell must be like because all the guys who were the life and soul of the parties on earth must all be over there, having fun.

The grass is always greener is a very human thought condition and we are talking hypothetically about an after life that know one on earth has any real factual details on.

The quote pokes fun at the perceived concept we are taught about heaven and hell and who will be allowed to go where depending on their actions during their life on earth.

The Climate Change Of Global Burning

Alternatively Mark Twain could have been a century ahead of his time by commenting on and giving new meaning to climate change, ok even if it was for want of an engaging conversation with an interesting person who actually had some fun in his life, it still would be one hell of a change in climate.

This new version of climate change just became a whole lot more appealing with global burning guaranteeing a red hot dialogue with some of the most colourful characters in history.

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