Intellectuals Solve Problems Geniuses Prevent Them

Intellectuals Solve Problems Geniuses Prevent Them

Albert Einstein Quote

Intellectuals Solve Problems Geniuses Prevent Them, a quote meaning there is a distinct difference between the educated and the brilliant.

Albert Einstein was a genius and to me, this quote recognises the limitations of academic vision.

This prevention is better than cure type quote focuses on a different type of thinking that must be encouraged rather than taught.

An education gives you the basics but it does not teach you how to use your mind and rationality to predict possible outcomes to any subjective course of action.

This is not knowledge but a mixture of inventive imagination, curiosity, inquisitive thinking and exploration.

This type of thinking is more often than not nurtured rather than taught and a trial and error mentality without prejudice produces many failures before a practical or theoretical success can be achieved.

I love reading good quotes that make me think and this little gem is another great Einstein genius quote I like to read again and again.

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