Power Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Power Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Henry A. Kissinger Quote

Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac; Henry Kissinger understanding sex, history and the future because power is the eternal aphrodisiac that will flourish in all the generations to come.

Power Thrives In The Lap Of The Ego

Power is like a virus that thrives in the lap of the egotistical and the more powerful the more the attraction to the opposite sex.

What Henry Kissinger meant when he uttered this immortal quote in 1973 has been widely known in the corridors of power since well before Queen Cleopatra seduced Mark Antony in an Egyptian Roman power play.

Looking into ancient Greek scandals there was Alcibiades the brilliant Athenian military strategist who having taken asylum in Sparta was then accused of having an affair with the Spartan Queen, Timaia and fathering her child.

Luckily for Alcibiades he found out he had been rumbled and hightailed it out of Sparta for his second asylum in Persia. He could not go back to Athens for he was also wanted by the Greeks for his varied skulduggery gave him many enemies there also.

Even further back in the time of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt Hatshepsut became the fifth pharaoh of this dynasty and the first woman to become pharaoh.

Scandal followed her 1478bc accession with an affair with her steward Senenmut whom it was heavily rumoured was the father of her daughter Nefrure.

Fast forward to 16th century England and despite the notoriety of king Henry VIII chopping off the heads of two of his wives for various uncivilised reasoning he still managed to attract a total of six wives before his demise.

Henry VIII epitomised the "power is the ultimate aphrodisiac" quote as the ladies were still lining up to marry him despite the risk of losing their heads if any untoward circumstances were to prevail.

From Russia with love could be quite apt for in 1761 Catherine was the wife of Russian Czar Peter III who was to be killed in a coup d'état organised by the Imperial guard with Catherine rumoured strongly to be orchestrating these events.

Within days she became empress of Russia with the title Catherine The Great and although she was notorious for her many love affairs she was particularly smitten with her Imperial guard protector Grigory Potemkin who was also on duty during the coup.

The Powerful and the Beautiful

Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine was the story of the powerful army general who became Emperor of France and whose first advances towards Josephine were rejected. Power however is an aphrodisiac and despite his portly frame and lack of height the beautiful Josephine wed her knight in shining armour.

For a tale of rags to presidential riches Eva Peron or more commonly known as Evita left her poor family to pursue a career in acting. It wasn't long until she had bigger fish in her sights with the up and coming presidential candidate Juan Domingo Perón.

They were to marry and by appealing to the poor of Argentina she helped him to win an election to become president, somewhat unnervingly for Juan Peron was the fact that his wife who was unelected was becoming more popular than even the president.

Soon after Juan Perons second successful presidential election win Evita succumbed to cancer and died, this led the whole nation to go into mourning and she will always be remembered as the most prominent first lady of Argentina.

These days despite the shock tactics of the tabloids and their holier than thou rhetoric acting as if these poisoned penned journalists sitting on their self acclaimed pedestals are the definition of high moral standards I doubt anyone hardly bats an eyelid about affairs in the corridors of power.

It is almost as if it is to be expected and when exposed by the media the major concerns seem more political than personal.

Just as prostitution is considered the oldest profession so will power be the eternal aphrodisiac whereby both will thrive in all the generations to come.

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