If You Take No Risks You Suffer No Defeats But If You Take No Risks You Win No Victories

If You Take No Risks You Suffer No Defeats But If You Take No Risks You Win No Victories

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If you take no risks you suffer no defeats but if you take no risks you win no victories; Richard Nixon on his political risk ratio philosophy: Tally Ho!

Anybody who has ascended to the political heights of President of the United States of America would know a thing or two about taking risks to achieve the highest post in the most powerful country in the world.

Reading Richard Nixons biography gives a fascinating insight into the approach to political campaigns and what the influence of ones image has on the electorate.

Nixon got tagged with the moniker 'Tricky Dicky' in the early 1950's and this amusing but inauspicious nickname followed him throughout his career.

From his skirmishes with the press in the early 1950's Richard Nixon developed a deep distrust of the mainstream media, little did he know of the maelstrom of newsroom venom that would be unleashed upon him and his administration in later years. Or indeed the David Frost interview he would willing partake in and actually open up about the biggest scandal ever to rock any American government

The Meaning of Risk and Reward

Richard Nixon fought some fantastic political campaigns and some disastrous ones also so he truly knew the meaning of risk and reward is the difference between failure and victory.

Richard Nixon did not just say this quote, he actually lived it, he knew the true value of calculated risk lay in the reward and he went for it.

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