You Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are When You're Involved In A Scandal

You Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are When You're Involved In A Scandal

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You find out who your real friends are when you're involved in a scandal; Elizabeth Taylor turning on the torrid tongues of tabloid tattlers while appreciating her loyal confidants within her inner sanctum.

The magnetic effect of scandals is the fuel that sells tabloid newspapers to the masses and the scourge of the rich and famous.

It must be unpleasant beyond the extreme to be caught up in a scandal and this is exactly the time for best friends to rally around and support the scandalised in their hour of need.

The Four Rules Of A Confidant In A Crisis

  • A real friend will stand up shoulder to shoulder to support their friend who is under fire.
  • A true friend will attempt to deflate the scandal bubble before it grows too big.
  • A close confidant will not disclose anything about their friend to anyone.
  • A true confidant will give the best advice they can from an unattached perspective free from the emotional maelstrom the scandalised is personally suffering.

Deserting The Scandal Or The Friendship?

Politicians, high flying businessmen and famous personalities with squeaky clean images sometimes fear their PR will suffer if they are seen associating with a scandal victim and they can easily follow their advisors who tell them to avoid making any statements that would see them in a poor public light.

But the time when a friend is most needed is when they are facing the eye of the storm and not after it has passed. It boils down to this; If you abandon your friend because of the scandal you have also abandoned the friendship, respect and trust is earned and not given away like some award at a ceremony.

In an ideal world your friends will never abandon your ship when a storm is brewing, unfortunately life isn't always like that and one persons scandal can easily be another persons opportunity to use the story for their own personal gain.

Some so called friends revel in the misery being heaped upon the tabloids new victim and even add further fuel to the fire by 'leaking' more gossip about the person being vilified.

When a famous persons name is hot in the press the senior editors know this is the time when further stories will emerge to add to the shock value, these stories can continue for a week and in extreme cases even longer.

Trial By Tabloid

Trial by tabloid is a completely one sided process where actual evidence is often replaced by hearsay and gossip, as long as the essence of the story is believable editors do not seem to care as scandal stories sell newspapers.

Even if you can (eventually) prove your innocence of the scandal or at least prove it was grossly exaggerated the damage to reputation has already been done, if you can squeeze an apology out of the newspaper to admit they got it wrong the apology will be disproportionate to the original headline scandalising the victim.

Some sue for slander and win, some sue and lose and these days injunctions and super injunctions have become all the rage to keep the lid on celebrity bad boy or girl stories

'Never let the facts get in the way of a good story' has been a press sentiment that has echoed through the scandal sheets of the modern era newsrooms and there is always a new victim waiting to be 'outed' by a so called friend to feed the frenzy for celebrity gossip.

Everyone has read these tasteless stories with many sharing a giggle or two with friends about them, but until you've been on the receiving end of being involved in a scandal you will never know the devastating pain and anguish it can cause.

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