I Like My Whisky Old And My Women Young

I Like My Whisky Old And My Women Young

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I like my whisky old and my women young; Errol Flynn the moustached swashbuckler on sailing through life with a single malt in one hand and a beautiful woman on the other.

If a Hollywood star has his autobiography called 'My Wicked Wicked Ways' you can guarantee it to be a scandalous read with lots of riveting moments and Flynn did not disappoint with his revelations about his love of whisky and womanising.

During his peak Hollywood years in the early 1940's the phrase 'In Like Flynn' was coined to describe his ease at succeeding with the ladies. Errol Flynn liked himself being immortalised with this phrase so much that he wanted his autobiography called 'In Like Me' but his publisher denied this request.

The Papua New Guinea Party Pooper

At eighteen Flynn embarked on an adventure to Papua New Guinea hoping to find gold but this quest resulted in more skirmishes with the law and jealous husbands than any pots of the shiny stuff. The party lifestyle he hoped for didn't materialize and malaria was a more lasting legacy of his time spent in Papua New Guinea than any notable success stories.

Flynn then went to England where he honed his skills as an actor before going to Hollywood where he carved out a career as a moustached swashbuckler in a number of leading roles from Captain Blood to Robin Hood.

Although his on screen roles were action packed they paled to insignificance when compared to the drama that ensued off screen in his real life.

Drinking And Womanising

In between his passion for nautical knots there were tales of drunkenness and debauchery threatening his saleability as a Hollywood leading man. Appearances in court were not helpful for his career as scandal was not so easily received by the general public in 1940's America.

Flynn continued to sail partying, drinking and womanising his way through the 1940's and 1950's whilst his good looks that once stared proudly back from the mirror could do nothing to halt the slide until his health started to fail in the late 1950's.

Errol Flynn passed away in 1959 but he ensured his status as a Hollywood legend who liked his single malt whisky old but his women young.

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