I Will Come Again, And I Will Be Millions

I Will Come Again, And I Will Be Millions

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I will come again, and I will be millions; Eva Peron scaring the Argentine establishment with this immortal quote that she did not live to see fulfilled, but the seeds were sown.

The People In Their Millions Had Willed It

She was in the hearts and minds of the vast majority of the population and Eva lived on with the irresistible urge for the people to grow stronger and the Peronists eventually came back to power as the people in their millions had willed it.

Eva Peron was Argentina's original first lady of politics due to her marriage to a former army general and politician Juan Peron who had aspirations to be president.

When Juan and Eva tied the knot it put into motion a set of circumstances that would elevate Juan Peron to fulfill his ambition of being president.

Although Juan Peron was elected three times as president of Argentina he always paled to insignificance with the shadow of his wife being held in greater esteem with the people.

Eva Peron immortalised herself with the poor masses of Argentina, she was one of them and she understood their problems and although she never held official public office she was in her own words the person who brought the "hopes and dreams of the people to the president".

In reality she was much more than this, Eva was a skilled orator who knew how to work a crowd even under spontaneous circumstances. She held great influence in many governmental institutions and the public recognised her contributions.

The Female Peronist Party

She formed the Female Peronist Party which in just a few years boasted 500,000 members and was a staunch supporter of womens right. Universal suffrage was attained in Argentina in 1947 and with women getting the opportunity to vote it also had a side affect of thousands of women aspiring to enter the political arena with many attributing their inspiration to Eva Peron.

The people wanted Evita Peron to run for vice president and they were very vocal in their requests, however this angered the powerful military and the influential aristocracy.

Eventually Eva declined to enter the race for vice president and it is thought this was because of pressure from her husband and the machinations of Argentine power in the guise of the ever meddling military.

The 1951 'renouncement' as it became known led to Evita Peron to utter the immortal quote "I will come again, and I will be millions" which stung the military as they understood the influence she could command in Argentina.

Eva Peron passed away in 1952 which led to her being immortalised by the Argentine people, although Juan Peron won his second election in the same year a military dictatorship took over in 1955 and Juan Peron had to flee to live in exile.

Such was the fear of the Peronists that the military regime outlawed anything related to the Perons, even owning a photograph of the Perons would guarantee jail time.

Maybe Eva Peron did not plan out the legendary status that was to be bestowed upon her, but it was achieved through her ability to connect with people, she was a great communicator and in the modern era would probably make a great political spin doctor.

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