Oh The Tiger Will Love You, There Is No Sincerer Love Than The Love Of Food

Oh The Tiger Will Love You, There Is No Sincerer Love Than The Love Of Food

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Oh the tiger will love you, there is no sincerer love than the love of food; a George Bernard Shaw quote meaning the love of food is true for a life time whereas the love of your spouse does not carry the same life time guarantee.

The image of a man in chains with a look of apprehensive fear on his face made me think what has coerced him to strain on his chains like so?

Throughout history there have been stories of sadistic guards who take far too much pleasure out of their work than is deemed natural and I just imagined such a guard using this quote as a weapon of torment.

The Irish playwright was the co-founder of the London School Of Economics and he is the only person to have received an academy award in 1938 for the movie Pygmalion and a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1925 for the idealism and humanity his work inspired in others.

I have always loved this quote and this image by Harry Clarke instantaneously created many caption ideas in my mind, including the quote included here by the illustrious George Bernard Shaw.

Image by Harry Clarke from the book Tales Of Mystery And Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe.

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